Hotel Ochsen Schönwald

Hotel Ochsen Schönwald

Hotel zum Ochsen

Ludwig-Uhland-Straße 18
D-78141 Schönwald
Phone +49 7722 866480


Land of springs

This region is home to the source of Europe’s second longest river, the Danube. Also springing from the fertile soil of our region are an outstanding quality of life, inspiration, the legendary South German inventive spirit and innovative drive.

Rich in unspoilt nature and widely varied culture, the “land of springs” has traditionally been a magnet to the enterprising. The source of the river Neckar also rises in the Schwarzwald-Baar District. Instead of flowing into the Black Sea like the Danube, it takes the opposite direction to the North Sea: Europe’s principle watershed runs through the land of springs.

Some believe that word "Baar" denotes a land of springs and marshes. Others insist that “Baar“ is an old German world for “fertile, open country”. Whichever version is correct, what you will find here is a diverse, varied landscape inviting discovery and offering endless scope for excursions.